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From the Chairperson's Desk


We in St. Theresa College of Pharmacy create an environment to give best of education to our students by way of practical case studies in various aspects of relevant skills which will enhance your knowledge and make you a good professional in the challenging global competitive world. It’s our endeavor to prepare the students in career-advancement in their selected sectors. We have wonderful faculty who have hands-on experience to guide and lead you in your professional path.

Learning is a never-ending process. It’s a journey and not a destination! We in St. Theresa College of Pharmacy devise methods of innovative and creative education which will not only help you professionally but also in day-to-day practical life.

Do visit us in person and it will be a great pleasure and privilege for us to explain more about our institution, core-competency and teaching methodology & techniques etc.

Maimuna K.M.,
St. Theresa College of Pharmacy, Bangalore