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Life @ Silicon Valley

The City of Bangalore with many epithets to flaunt has soon emerged as the icon of contemporary lifestyle. St. Theresa is located for from the rush and din of the city, but reasonably closed to every place that makes the city really rocking. Every day you get an update on the changing pace of life, its colours, its heritage, its nature and charm- the garden city.

Apart from enjoying an enviable lifestyle your peers would envy, Bangalore would also become a place that determines your future. There are opportunities to become independent practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. A nurse’s role in future will undergo rapid changes especially in the corporatized health care industry. They will become career information navigators, interpreters of health related matters, decision making facilitators, managers, customer custodians, patients, empowered, critical thinkers, and info mediators who will guide patients apart from being the traditional care givers.

Bangalore experiences a tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Due to its high elevation, Bangalore usually enjoys a more moderate climate throughout the year.


The Bangalore program provides extraordinary opportunity to study India culture, business and humanities while volunteer in the local community with fellow students who are interested in contributing and marking a difference in their society. You will be studying in one of the most prestigious and beautiful campuses in India and will gain personal exposure to the social issues of urban and rural life. Bangalore is also an ideal place to learn how the revolution is transforming traditional Indian society into a fast-paced hybrid of East-west life. It’s location in India’s Silicon Valley makes it an excellent sport for networking and developing and contacts with institutions.